Our World Insideout: Chicago before & after (2012)

What I write, how I feel, indeed, what I see, is governed by where I am now and where I have been before. But if my relationship with nature does not transcend culture, as most philosophers and theorists of recent vintage world argue, it is equally true that my relationship with culture does not transcend nature. – Andy Grundberg

The landscapes we have been photographing to hold onto, have a counterpoint; we also have the landscapes that we make, for us. Our World Insideout has been a young journey about the cycles of our homes; something often sacred, and something that is a bit of my obsession to photograph.

What you see here is Chicago from 2009 and Chicago from 2012. Each diptych has their own story, where another nature is being formed, and hopefully a dialogue for acknowledgement and change – a chance to grow in this world.

This project was funded by an investigative journalism grant from the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation with a spatial sound accompaniment funded and engineered by ARUP. Initial sound layout was produced by Saint "The Good Boy," one of the residents from this series.